Mothers Helper Man~

New work, been reading around Seattle area~


Mothers helper man-

Opiate eyes talking to me,

telling me your sage advice,

quiet please.

I’ve seen,

Murder in a mans eyes as he rips me in half wanting me to scream,

Angry because I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction,

so they drowned me in the hot tub a while to get some noise out of me,

but not a sound from the many fists,

or the twenty four hour ripping of my body.

I’ve seen the bloody, ravaged torn girls,

crawling through my door for safety,

gluing their faces back together,

running lukewarm baths for all their tares.

I’ve seen my musician friends,

Obtained the, “Dream,” M.T.V., The Grammys,

One kept his on the back of his toilet,

so the drunks would hit it with piss,

they just wanted to play music,


like we all did.

I’ve seen funerals for the eighteen year old girls,

killed quick by…

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